Hot oil transfer pumps & thermal oil circulation pumps

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RY air-cooled hot oil circulation pump is a kind of ideal hot oil circulation pump or heating body pump, is an ideal heat equipment supporting pump. RY type high temperature heat conduction oil pump reasonable structure, good performance, reliable operation. The heat conduction oil pump is suitable for conveying not containing solid particles of high temperature liquid. The corrosion degree and using temperature depends on the contact with the media of the main components of the material. High temperature heat conduction oil pump use of self heating and cooling structure, change the traditional water cooling structure, make simple structure, small volume, save operating cost, good performance, the use of reliable, is our country the digestion and absorption of foreign oil pump developed on the basis of the second generation product.

  • Flow Rate Up to 200M³H 
  • Max Head (pressure) Up to 10 Bar 
  • Sizes: DN1/2”- DN150 Outlet 
  • Max Temperature:350°C
  • Material: Cast Steel,SS304.

Product details:

Working Principle:

Centrifugal Pump


Cast Steel, Ductile iron, SS304

Max. Temperature:


Diameter Size:

20~300 mm

Flow Range:

4.5~1000 m3/h (other request can be customized)

Head Range:

15~100 m (other request can be customized)


Hot Oil, Cooling Oil, Circulation Oil


Electric Motor, Diesel Engine

Liquid with Solid:


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